“I’m Black and British. The Royal Wedding Left Me Conflicted.” (GOOD.is)

May 24, 2018nsiahbuadi.com

My take on the celebration of Meghan Markle’s heritage at the Royal Wedding

Here’s an excerpt:

“People want to know what this means for race relations in the United Kingdom. The apparent consensus from the media is that their marriage is a sign that Britain is more accepting of race than people previously thought.

This is where I become conflicted.

On one hand, I loved watching these two people who are so in love get married. I’m also happy to see Harry, who once used racial slurs against Pakistanis, grow into a man who will call out the press for using “racially tinged” comments about his (then) future wife.

These are all signs of progress to be sure. However, we shouldn’t let this wedding distract us into thinking that Britain is post-racial.”


You can read the rest HERE

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