“As a Brit living abroad, I’ve watched Brexit unfold this week — and decided to delay my return” (Independent – UK)

March 15, 2019nsiahbuadi.com

Reflections on the push to delay Britain’s exit from the EU — better known as Brexit

Here’s an excerpt:

Brexit changed that in 2016. The racial under- and overtones of the debate left people – myself included – feeling unsure and exposed. More people were being subjected to that 80s-style racism again, including some of my friends. One of them was called the N-word by a passerby while just sitting in his parked van. The last time he was called that, he was a kid — in the 80s.

So, I wasn’t entirely shocked at the Brexit result. I was surprised, however, when my husband suggested that we think twice about moving back to the UK in the near future — and we should certainly make no plans until we knew what was actually going on with Britain’s exit from the EU. He never said it to me, but in that moment, I believed that he needed to understand what the stakes were and see where the nation was heading.

Photo by Sabrina Mazzeo on Unsplash
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