“If you think affluent black people or mixed race people shouldn’t qualify for reparations, I have something to tell you” (Independent – UK).

March 29, 2019nsiahbuadi.com

I weigh in on the renewed debate on African-American reparations.

Here’s an excerpt:

“To the question of mixed-race black Americans: while academics have suggested that a system could be created to verify if an individual self-identified as black, anyone who believes that there could be some ambiguity around one’s “eligibility” because the person in question has a white parent or grandparent should refer to the history books for their answers. Because of slavery, it’s probable, if not likely, that all descendants of Africans brought by force to the Americas have a white ancestor too. That would make them mixed-race, if we’re going to split hairs. Furthermore, identifying as black and white doesn’t magically erase one’s African ancestry. By that logic, one could argue that Frederick Douglass, a leader of the abolitionist movement, whose white father was also likely his slave “master”, would have to undergo a reparations test.

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash
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