Shock, Awe, Resistance and Replenishment

January 9,

I’ve tried to write about the storming of the Capitol building, but I can’t find the words. You see, there’s no way for me to experss how I broke, just a little bit, when

I saw

White supremacists strolling through the Capitol building

brandishing that Confederate Flag,

the symbol of

a culture that demeans Black life. 

I was stunned that they were shot

by photographers,

and not cops who once greeted protestors 

with tear gas and bullets

because they



demanded that

America see Black humanity too.

So, afer I laugh/cried at this fresh round of insanity, I decided to sit still, then came across this wonderful post from Esther Armah, founder of the ‘Armah Institute of Emotional Justice.’

Words I needed to see.

Maybe some of you need to see this too.

Rest, Fam. And Hydrate.

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