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Talking Diversifying Podcasts with the Royal Society of the Arts

October 5,

OK, in the previous post, I said I’d start sharing some of the great content that’s out there. Now, BEFORE I start doing that, I want to share I lied. I’m going to do that after this post because I want to share this video of my conversation with Octavia Goredema of Twenty Ten Agency for the Royal Society of the Arts

I know, sounds fancy, innit? But, the truth is our conversation was relaxed, intimate, and honest. Octavia asked me about my career as a writer and editorial leader in radio and podcasting. We both shared our insights as leaders who are passionate about introducing, elevating, and retaining Black talent in our respective fields.

I was excited to share what I’ve learned over the years. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking that people need to hear about me. On that day, though, I hoped my insights might inspire someone in the audience. 

My hope was confirmed when I saw one woman (whose name I didn’t catch) clapping furiously at the end of the talk. And the HUGE smile on her face! The vision was truly humbling – and inspiring. What a wonderful reminder that the lumps and bumps that you’ve sustained, the things that you’ve used as fuel, helped someone else — someone you’ve never met. If you’re that woman and you’re reading this — thank YOU for reminding me that even though my journey isn’t over, it’s always good to talk and share. When it comes to information, sharing really is caring.

Watch my full conversation with Octavia Goredema here. I promise it’ll be worth it, whether it’s the information or my highly expressive face (ha!) 

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 Photo from Pexels Free Photos (via WordPress)

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