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Lessons I’m Taking Into 2022

December 23, 2021nsiahbuadi.com

I’m going to channel Oprah Winfrey to start this post. “What I know for sure”(™) is that 2021 has been a year of growth and new lessons. I’m thankful for them all. I’m gonna share some with you.

I’ve learned to become really COOL with not fitting other people’s boxes neatly. A poking bulge here or stranded limb there is just fine. It’s usually an indicator that the box isn’t a good fit for me. And that’s just fine. I’ve learned that my sharing stories could inspire (or force) gatekeepers to create a bigger box. Or just get rid of it altogether.

I’ve learned to trust my ‘intuition’ again. By doing that, I started to re-connect with my self. My intuition has never steered me wrong, even when the process feels hard. 

I’ve learned that my big sister, Esi was right about one thing. Yes, just ONE. Years ago, she told me that I’d make a great teacher. I laughed in her face. I had no intention of standing in front of people, teaching them stuff. I had too much to learn myself! HA! Anyway, here I am, years later, coaching storytellers and podcasters in the US, UK, and Africa. I’m developing culturally nuanced content and working with my new ‘Sound Up’ family at Spotify. I’m teaching, and I love it! So, Sis, thank you for seeing what I didn’t. But I don’t plan to say ‘you were ‘right’ in public again any time soon!

I’ve learned that my vision – to create ways for stories by and for people of color to be heard in the media wasn’t crazy. Few people understood what I meant when I first shared this vision in 2009. Those that did thought I was audacious. Now media companies are searching for culturally nuanced content – the kind I’ve been producing for decades.

This year I’ve SEEN the power of trusting your vision and putting action behind it. In 2022, I will grow this movement of producers shifting narratives about Africa and the Diaspora. Join me. The first step is simple. Step one? I’d love you to answer the questions on this form. I’m curious to find out how diverse you think the podcasting industry is and what you’d like to see more of. I’d also love to find out what you need!

It’s a great time for Black content creators. Media companies are looking for stories from Africa and the Diaspora. Black audiences want to see themselves reflected in the media and more companies understand the benefits of serving an increasingly diverse audience. Case in point: Netflix and Spotify. 

I’ve also learned that I want some rest. So, I’m taking some much-needed downtime to enjoy the holidays with my family. 

I’m learning to let go of this idea of perfection. I’m accepting this piece for what it is, and I’m publishing it as it is. I won’t judge myself for including random commas or funky syntax. 

So, I’m OUT. Get your rest, and have a wonderful new year. I can’t wait to see what we’ll build together.

Tell me what lessons you’re taking into the new year on The Cipher  IG page!

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