Christabel Nsiah-Buadi

Podcast Editorial Strategy + Content Development

Welcome! I develop culturally inclusive editorial strategies for podcast creators and companies. I love shaping all kinds of shows and stories, especially those from Africa and its DIaspora.

What does developing an editorial stragtegy mean? Well, it means, I give creators the tools to turn their idea into a show, complete with episode ideas, and a series arc. I help creators take their show to the ‘next level.’ I help producers improve the efficiency of their production systems. I do all of his by applying my my 20 years of experience in developing and producing podcasts, limited series and award-winning radio shows.

Im also the Lead for Spotify’s Behind the Mic fellowship. Behind the Mic is an extension of Sound Up, a leading podcast incubator that aims to rise up the next generation of podcasters of color.

I started my audio career two decades ago as a reporter with the Pacifica network, just after the 9-11 attacks. That’s right — I’m part of the generation that came of age as the world was going through turmoil. I’ve covered Ghana’s 50th anniversary, produced interviews with global icons like Hugh Masekela and Nile Rodgers, reported on detentions at Guantanamo Bay, and on all but one of the U.S. presidential elections since 2004. I’ve produced live coverage of Hurricane Katrina and reported from the Gulf Coast one year after the flood for “RadioNation with Laura Flanders” on Air America Radio. I was also the voice of The Africa Channel’s coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death in 2013.

I’ve managed national news shows for National Public Radio, reported on breaking news, read news headlines, and produced shows for public intellectuals.

Though it all, I’ve stayed true to one idea: to ensure we all have a chance to tell our stories. It may sound cliche, but as a Scottish-born, London-raised kid of Ghanaian immigrants, that cliche still has immense power. As more people are discovering, there is power in hearing different nd new perspectives. New stories help us build connections, understanding and respect. They help build communities. They help us make informed decisions. There is power in celebrating our different flavors.

This idea — of shining a light on overlooked stories is why I created my podcast production company, My Lens Media in 2010. I wanted to use my talents as a show leader to help people from under represented communities tell their stories, in their own words. To date, My Lens Media has since produced culturally nuanced content for KPCC’, Marketplace, KCRW, Public Radio International and the BBC. We’ve produced Webby-award nominated shows, like “Sista Brunch,” and developed shows for Hollywood production companies like MACRO (“Judas and the Black Messiah.”)

When I’m not creating and implementing editorial strategy, I’m writing about media and/or parenting for British Vogue and The Independent.

I also discuss my insights on podcasting and media representation with live audiences and on TV shows, including ABC’s “Nightline.”

We’re in another era of rapid change and I’m STILL excited to help audio creators, like you, create culturally nuanced audio content.

Visit the My Lens Media company page to find out about past clients. Then contact me to find out about my Podcast Editorial Strategy Development services and rates.