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‘You must get out of your house to learn.’ It’s part of a Ghanaian proverb that reminds people that you can’t learn if you don’t explore. This sentiment speaks to the heart of My Lens Media’s mission: to produce and develop culturally inclusive podcasts, in an increasingly diverse world.

WE BLEND PASSION FOR INCLUSION WITH AWARD-WINNING BROADCAST EXPERTISE. Creators and media executives rely on our expertise to grow their kernel of an idea into a compelling show concept. Our network of producers, all of whom have a passion for telling diverse stories, help our clients bring these concepts to life. Our strength lies in creating podcasts, in a variety of formats, that center the perspectives of communities that are talked to, with nuance. We amplify and celebrate cultural complexities. You can hear it in shows like Sista Brunch, hosted by Hollywood director Anya Adams and Fanshen Cox, co-author of the Inclusion Rider.

WE LET PEOPLE TELL IT SLOWLY, SO YOU CAN LISTEN, DEEPLY: In a world where information comes at us fast, we love podcasts that let people take the time to reveal their stories. Our favorite podcasts let you catch your breath, or marinade on a revelation. These are the experiences we strive to create at My Lens Media.

MY LENS MEDIA is based in Los Angeles, but our roots are global. Our network has connections to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the US. All of this has informed our approach to storytelling. Our stories about coming from two worlds as a US-born child of African immigrants and our reflections on Roald Dahl adaptations have been featured on National Public Radio. We’ve profiled businesswomen who are changing the world for American Public Media’s “Marketplace.” Our show about Black women+ in Hollywood is disrupting the industry. We connect the dots between ideas and communities.

Connect with us on IG at or Twitter at @mylensmedia to schedule a consultation and find out how to turn your idea into a compelling, quality podcast.


Sista Brunch is an interview-style podcast about Black women+ who work and thrive in one of the world’s most competitive industries: Hollywood. Hosted by NAACP-nominated TV director Anya Adams and Fanshen Cox, co-author of the Inclusion Rider made famous by Frances McDormand, Sista Brunch amplifies the overlooked contributions of women who work on projects that impact how we see the world — and each other. I developed the editorial direction and production flow of this podcast. I currently oversee show production and collaborate on promotion strategies.

Change Makers is a limited edition digital and broadcast series that explores what happens when people in business decide to change the lives of others. I developed the show concept, sourced and interviewed each guest, and edited each audio piece. The show launched on and broadcast nationally in January 2020. Listen to Fanshen Cox, Arlan Hamilton, Aimée Felone, Bertha Jimenez and Kelly Peeler discuss what inspired them to create real social change through their business.

The Media Disruptors (Public Radio International) launched in March 2017. This series was created as the #metoo movement and the Women’s March rose to prominence, and at a time when women of color were asking how inclusive these movements were. I developed this project especially for PRI, identified and booked each guest, conducted each interview, and wrote each piece. Listen to BAFTA award-winning director Amma Asante, Hollywood trailblazer Joanelle Romero, sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen, April Reign, the creator of the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite and others talk about how they have changed established narratives on race and gender.

Make Me Smart: I developed the editorial tone of “Make Me Smart,” the top-rated Amazon Alexa skill from Marketplace.

The Media Disruptors (Public Radio International) launched in March 2017. This Home, from Home ( ), a short series about creatives from Africa and its diaspora creating their art in Los Angeles.