• A Brand New Day…?

    April 3, 2021 CNB

    I’ve been feeling lighter these days — like the air is shifting and almost dancing around me. It might be ‘cause it’s the season of renewal. Flowers are blooming and people around the world are renewing their faith, beliefs and purpose during Easter, Holi, Ramadan, and other cultural events. Maybe it’s because Los Angeles is…

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  • You Belong Here Too

    March 6, 2021 CNB

    AYEKOOOOOOOO!!!!  Ghana turns 64 years old on March 6. It’s a holiday I’ve celebrated ever since I was a kid. I loved knowing that I have roots in the nation that first gained independence.  As I’ve got older though, I’ve become less satisfied with the idea that a lot of my Ghanaian pride is defined…

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